Hey everyone, I’ve finally customized and updated my tumblr account! Thanks to my dear friend and co- cosmetic blogger Shimmerjjang Andhie (pls do check out her blog and follow her I’m pretty sure you’ll get something form her) :), who helped me all the way and gave me her insights on how to get started with this thing. To tell you guys honestly, blogging is not really a hobby of mine or should I say something that interests me the most, but lately, I’ve come to realize that instead of just bumming around at home and practically doing nothing. I’d rather share my thoughts to other people and write down whatever randomness or rants that I’m having. That way, I;m making a productive use of my time. I can’t really promise you anything my dear readers/ followers, but I’ll really try to write helpful and important blogs to all of you.

Here’s my facebook account for those who want to be friends with me: fonsseca_018@yahoo.com