Hello beauties! Good day! Recently, I’ve been seeing reviews and rants about this new cosmetic line from Korea. I first came across this line through Marge Tan (http://www.facebook.com/kikaytrekkie), a cosmetic blogger as well and from there on I took keen interest as to what this line offers to its consumers. 

I did a little research and among the many products that the company carries include BB creams (of course), hand creams, cleansing foams, massage serums, and many more. What struck me the most is its value for NATURE being a NATURAL BEAUTY COSMETIC LINE. As you all know, cosmetic products nowadays, make use of heavy and silicone based products which may lead to skin irritation, aging and dullness as well. This line is made up of organic components and promises a healing effect unto the skin. 

I am really interested as to what this line can offer my skin. I have been on the search for a really good and effective BB cream since I have an acne, oily combo type of skin. I sure do hope I can try this line out and share my thoughts on its product. (crossing fingers~~)

Stay tune for my next update as I am still trying to contact Mr. M for me to try it out 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂