Hello everyone! I had to make this post for the second time around since Tumblr wasn’t able to save my last draft from yesterday (so sadddd 😦 ) I am not really a professional make up artist or an expert on this field but I would want to explore, learn and master the art of beautifying myself. This is my first make up tutorial attempt and I am really sorry that I can’t upload a video of how I came up with this look. I can only show you pictures and a step by step procedure as to how I was able to pull up the look I waned to do. I hope you can learn something as much as I did. Enjoy~~ 

Disclaimer: The following products were sent over by Korea Cosmetics in partnership with Luview Cosmetics for review purposes and this is just my own little way of thanking them and letting them know my actual experience on the products that they have provided for me to use. 

1. Cleanse your face to remove excess dirt and oil. It is important in order to have a healthy skin since we will be applying a lot of product to our face.

2. After cleansing, proceed to your usual skin care regimen ( tone, moisturizer, emulsion and what not)

3. Dispense a small amount of the LuView Crystal Cover BB cream unto the back of your hand and with a foundation brush apply it unto your face to cover areas of redness and imperfection.

3. Set your bb cream by using the LuView mineral compact.

4. Prime your eyelids. I used the Missha eyeprime boomer. it reduces fine lines in my lid area and makes my eyeshadow makeup stay longer.

5. Before applying your eyebrow pencil, make sure your eyebrows are trimmed or shaped to achieve a perfect, clean brow look. After doing so, you can apply your eyebrow pencil or shadow to define your brows.

6. If you dont have the LuView e/s palette, just find a color similar to this pic:

Slowly pat the gold shade unto your entire lid. This will brighten your eyes and will provide a good base for your eye makeup. using the applicator, get a small amount of the baby pink e/s and line your upper lid after that dab the peachy pink shade unto your eyelids mostly concentrating on the center part (where your eyeball is) to make the color pop! Using the other side of the applicator, I brushed the darkest brown shade unto outer corner of my eyes ( v-line motion). I finished it up by combining the baby pink and gold e/s to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and my brow bone. After doing all these things, this would be the result:

without flash:

with flash:

7. Line your eyes using a liquid liner. Then after that, curl your lashes with any mascara that you have.

8. Choose any rose pink or baby pink blush that you have and lightly brush it unto the apples of your cheeks.

9. Apply a baby pink lipstick and gloss to your lips to achieve that fresh, romantic look.

10. Re-apply the pact once more to have a clean look before you go and ta daaa~ your all done! 

Here are some pics 🙂

with flash: