Hello Beauties! How was your week end? I hope you all enjoyed it as much I did. Today, I would like to share my thoughts and experience upon using these products that were given to us by Korea Cosmetics in sponsorship with Luview Company. 

I remember when KC asked us (supporters), of what we would want to do a review on, I was torn between the whitening capsule bb cream (which was geared for the oily type skin and has whitening properties~ and I was like whoah, this is great I wanna have this asap!)  and on the other hand, the crystal cover bb cream (which promises to conceal scars, redness, pimple marks, varicose veins, anti wrinkling,whitening and SPF included! now that’s a lot, eh?) I noticed that between the two, the crystal cover bb cream has more features so I opted for it and luckily, I got it!

Disclaimer: The following products were provided by Korea cosmetics in partnership with Luview Cosmetics for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I am no way influenced by Korea Cosmetics nor Luview Cosmetic company. 

Hope you find this review helpful! Enjoy reading everyone 😀

* Packaging

The packaging is to die for—- It comes in a with a wine red color combined with a softer baby pink hue. Very elegant and classy so to speak. 

> Crystal cover bb cream – the container comes in a cylindrical/ cylinder form (correct me if I am mistaken dunno, how to describe the shape!) but what I like about it is that it comes with a pump which is hygienic and for us consumers to be able to control the amount of cream we are dispensing.

> Crystal mineral pact – the container is really nice! I love the mixture of red and gold—- very posh and classy! What I do like about it is that it has a separate compartment for the puff. You see dear readers, when we apply any pressed powder or pact unto our skin, the cushion we are using, picks up the oil and dirt from our face and so if it comes into contact with the product pr pact itself wihtout any divider or so, there is a higher tendency for our skin to be irritated or prone to acne.

* Product description/ Features

> Crystal cover bb cream-  

1. Natural  and  flawless, full coverage
    This BB cream provides customized coverage, from sheer to moderate with a  matte finish.

2.Radiant and soothing effect
   The jewelry ingredients keeps skin velvety, radiant and translucent while 11 botanical
   tea ingredients provide soothing effect.

3.Cell rejuvenation
Swiss almond, centella, aloe etc. helps cell rejuvenation with moisture supply

   Soothing and natural-looking coverage for all skin imperfection, including Surgical and acne        scars, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins with triple function of wrinkle improvement,        whitening and  SPF 30

4.Wrinkle improvement, Whitening and UV protection : KFDA Certified  

> Crystal mineral pact-

1.SPF 25 PA ++

2.Sebum control – prevents lumping phenomenon and stain by excessive sebum and sweat

Ingredients & Technology



Oriental color from miraculous natural minerals in Asia
LUVIEW’s unique & natural oriental colors from radiant amethyst & crystals in natural cave, fresh pearl & coral from the pacific ocean and natural jade from the deep earth in China

Carefully selected natural minerals detoxify the skin for the translucent skin and provide radiant makeup color by vitalization of NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor) in the skin




Color : Clear & Bright
Care : Detoxification of skin

Color : Clear & Translucent
Care : Vital & Translucent skin

Color : Quite gloss
Care : Whitening & moisturizing




Color : Natural coral color
Care : Sebum control

Color : Jade clear color
Care : Whitening & soothing


Botanical tea extracts improved by medical research for skin care 

Botanical tea extracts improved by medial research as detoxification, whitening, comforting moisture, anti-infection and cell rejuvenation are mainly used in the oriental formula to take care of skin healthy

Extracts from Sang-hwang mushroom living in alpine region provide translucent skin through the control of melanic pigment and Purslane and Centellasiatica well known for anti-infection soothe the skin irritation and allergic reaction




Cell rejuvenation

Anti-bacteria, Anti-infection





Sang-Hwang mushroom
Control of melanic pigment


Soothing, Moisturizing




Sweet almond oil
Vitamin D,E

Vital skin



Luminous View Technology
This technological process allows the oriental formula to melts into the skin and effectively delivers highly concentrated skin care active ingredients that instantly work with the skin cells for an luminous view

7 Core functions for Luminous VIEW 





UV Protection
Protection from UV for an healthy and translucent skin

Aqua capture effect
Forming moisture layer for an satin skin

Control PH
Keep skin balance to Low PH level for an Healthy skin

Anti-infection soothe the skin irritation and allergic reaction





Skin blooming effect
Inducing diffused reflection on the skin For the natural coverage

Skin cell vitalization & collagen creation

KFA certified Whitening, Wrinkle improvement


 * Product usage

> Crystal cover bb cream – At the final stage of skin care, dispense a small amount at the back of your hand and apply unto your face concentrating on areas needing more improvement/ coverage. Tip: one can also apply a primer or base to have a smooth canvass upon bb cream application 🙂

> Crystal mineral pact –   After bb cream application, pat the puff gently into the pact and with light pounding/ strokes apply unto your face in order to set your bb cream and for a matte finish as well.

* Product performance

Note:This is a joint effort since I asked help from my sister Wynonah if she could be my model. She has an acne prone skin and I want to test if the Crystal bb cream lived up to its promise of covering acne scars and redness since she has both problems with her skin. As for me, I am having troubles with my varicose veins on my cheek area and some sun spots as well. Here are the some of the before and after pics. The following pics are not EDITED as well

Wynonah’s bare face: As you can see acne marks are everywhere and redness is noticeable.

After applying the LuView Crystal cover bb cream (WITH FLASH): The dark spots and redness are barely noticeable. One problem though, the bb cream was too light fir her skin tone as she is a tad darker than me T.T Nevertheless, it did a good job in covering her acne marks and redness! thumbs up for that! 😀

TIP: for darker skin tone, just mix this bb cream with any darker liquid foundation that you have on your vanity kit and youre good to go without looking like a ghost! 🙂

(WITHOUT FLASH) The marks are still there but barely noticeable and redness was covered!

My bare face: 

Problem area: red scar on my left brow bone and varicose veins on my cheeks!

After LuView crystal cover bb cream application: dark spots were moderately covered and redness was reduced!

LuView crystal cover bb cream provides a sheer to moderate coverage depending on the amount of product you use on your face. It is easily blended when one uses a foundation brush ( as for me I use my ELF foundation brush) or you can use your hand as well. It feels smooth upon application and the scent is not irritating at all. With regards to the color, its a little too light for my skin so at times, I incorporate my darker liquid foundation to the bb cream to even it out. Luckily, it shows up pretty decent enough in pictures 🙂 I usually set it with my LuView mineral pact to create a matte finish and for sun protection whenever I am planning to head out to run errands or something.

Here is a pic with the mineral pact on top of the Crystal cover bb cream:

I did notice a glow and dewy finish on my skin afterwards but not to the point that it is showing off as greasy looking! I super love the mineral pact! I have been using the bb cream and mineral pact for several days now, and I am happy that I did not experience any breakouts or any allergic reaction to the products that were sent over for me to review on and I like that!

* Summary

Overall, I could say that the products were able to meet my expectations. The crystal cover bb cream was able to hide my sister’s acne scars and redness, my darkspots and varicose veins on the cheeks while the mineral pact hold true to it its promise of controlling sebum formation! I need not re apply the powder after 2-3 hours since my face was still matte and has that youthful glow. I highly recommend these products! I give it 4.8/5  rating!