Hello Beauties~ its been a while since my last post isn’t it? I am really very sorry  for not being able to update you guys. I have been so busy these past few days and my little angel inside my tummy is making me go loco~ (pregnancy crisis y’all!) I just had to take a break but fret not, because I am officially back  with more exciting stories to tell ^^  I hope you wouldn’t mind reading this very long blog of randomness and rants since its my way of recapping things that had happen these past few days while I am gone… Enjoy!


Recently, I have been very passionate about The Skin Shop and their products. I just don’t know why~ I guess its their magic that caught me or my unexplainable interest to their product line up. That I still have to find out.

The other day, I had a chat (thru FB ^^) with Mr. Jeung and out of the blue, he just mentioned 300 likes. It made me want to reach that target and inform more people about the Skin Shop. So that is why I decided to help our fan page by inviting others to join and participate in The Skin Shop world (as what Mr Jeung always  say to us, the supporters ^^) Shout out to my other co bloggers, (Patrixia Drake, Izell Lee, Krystar Sean Ricio, Des Doliogsa and many more for their efforts in creating a buzz for The Skin Shop fan page!) If my memory serves me right,  we were still 176  last August 9 or 10, 2011 and right now, I am very happy to announce we have reached 300+ members!!! Pretty cool eh?! It only shows more and more people are getting interested as to what TSS offers to its consumers.

I honestly haven’t tried anything from The Skin Shop but thanks to their generous staff, a few selected supporters including yours truly, were given the chance to receive samples ( in the form of full sized bb creams and facial mask packs to review! Yayyy! ). Upon hearing the news, I was really excited since I could try out the bb creams and masks that other cosmetic bloggers have been raving about these previous months. I was assigned to do a review on their IRIS Color Control BB cream and the Recovery Real Mucin pack and I am dying to try it out ASAP. Take a peek at the products that I shall be trying and reviewing for you guys very soon~


 Here is the actual pic of the samples that were individually packed by The Skin Shop for their dear supporters. Credits to Patrixia Drake (Eye Scream Queen) for taking the pic and for doing all the necessary things to make both ends meet despite everything that happened in the CUSTOMS(screw them!) ^^

In the end, amidst all the stress, I am still thankful for everything and yepp, the long wait is overrr! Finally, I get to try TSS products 😀

Moving on, just to update you guys on what’s new with THE SKIN SHOP, (basing from the recent postings by our ADMIN on FACEBOOK… oh and yes,I hope you could join us by liking us on FB to get fresh news and updates of reviews and what nots on our page as well^^)

 JQT has been gearing up to introduce their Asian Pop influence to the Western market scene thanks to producers Melvin Brown and Ray and Renny, the duo who is currently responsible for Lady Gaga’s fame and success! Hip Hop ‘n R&B artists such as AKON, T-PAIN and QWESS KROSS are also under their management as well. Star studded dont ya think? ^^

The girl group consists of four members namely: Park Min Jung, Lee Ji Eun, Park Ga Jin, and Joo Min Sun are set to invade the US pop scene anytime soon… Best of luck girls! Just think about this dear readers, when you see the lovely and gorgeous girls of JQT appearing on your very own television screens, that’s THE SKIN SHOP products that is responsible for their silky smooth, flawless, and radiant features! Now that’s what I call AMAZING~ ^^

On the other hand, The Skin Shop BB creams are now being favored by the YTN news announcers!!! Now that only signifies that products that The Skin Shop have are really good since it is also being endorsed by these credible newscasters from Korea. Here are the pics y’all:


What are you waiting for?! Be a part of the growing family of The Skin Shop and be amazed by its magic of creating a natural and perfect beauty in you!

Sigh, look how time flies~  indeed things are happening so fast and we might not notice TSS will have reached its 500 followers?! YES WE CAN! 😀