Hello beauties~ How’s it going so far? I hope you are all doing fine ^^ I am happy to announce to all of you that once again THE SKIN SHOP will be holding another momentous event for its first 1000 likes on FACEBOOK! I am also excited as well for this event to take place and will continue to promote it to everyone I know…


Want to see the actual announcement coming from our ADMIN on TSS fan page? Well, ladies and gents, here it is… (the following was obtained from our official fan page and was made by our dear ADMIN^^)

Dear all of THE SKIN SHOP supporters!
Thanks to all of your passion and efforts, we achieve 300 likes more faster than our expectation. So, in order to express our appreciation, we will present free samples to enthusiastic supporters selected by leaving a great review, message etc. promoting and introducing THE SKIN SHOP. Free samples will be selected among water-proof mascaram, mineral pact, gel eyeliner which will be released at the end of Aug.
Let’s keep building THE SKIN SHOP world.

Although you are not availible to leave review because of not having TSS products, you can introduce THE SKIN SHOP through posting so many reviews already made by supporters to your friends.

We will see not only reviews but also passion and efforts. 

We are sure that you all are passionate toward THE SKIN SHOP. 

Let’s be part of THE SKIN SHOP world


Just so you know, this is already my third attempt in creating a buzz for the said event! I dont know what happened to tumblr TT my posts remain unsaved and our internet is crappy right now… Anyway, I hope this one works though.

As of now TSS has 359 supporters and I am hoping that you, my lovely readers would join me in this event until we reach our target of 1000 likes and many more! I am not surprised by the attention TSS has been getting nowadays since their product line up speaks for itself: HIGH QUALITY, BENEFICIAL, and 100% EFFECTIVE ^^. 

Do you guys want to know what could be the possible items for our giveaway??? (the ff pics I am going to post are based on the announcement made by our ADMIN and the banner for our event, please do correct me if I am mistaken^^)

… or these Functional cosmetics from the IRIS LINE ^^




These awesome products are targeted for the women population and are highly specialized for whitening effect! The line up is set to be released this August and I hope I could try this as well! ;D

So what are you waiting for dear readers, join me and our other supporters by participating in this event, LIKING us on Facebook and let us all help one another in building THE SKIN SHOP world ^^

Here are the following links to get you all started ^^


-LIKE us first and you are already a part of our growing family ^^




-for those interested to order/purchase online



GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! LET US REACH OUR 1000 LIKES and make it all happen ^^