Hello beauties~ Today, I would like to share my thoughts on Luview cosmetics… but before I go to that part, let me first introduce to all of you what Luview cosmetics is all about (company profile,vision,mission,product catalogue and etc)

To start with, I came across this product thanks to Korea Cosmetics, who gave me sponsorship of Luview products in exchange of my honest thoughts on my usage of the said items being sent over to my area. Without a doubt, upon seeing such elegant and worth trying products, I was sure that it wont disappoint my expectations—- and it never did! Up to now, I am still using my handy Crystal mineral pact and Crystal cover BB cream and I must say they’re definitely my must have items whenever I go out (day and night)! ^^

Luview is a South-korean based company established in the year 2010 (correct me if I am mistaken since I just read it in the internet^^), it is a fast growing color- cosmetic brand in Asia, targeting career women in their 20’s to 30’s who are dreaming of social success and a romantic love affair. Recently, LUVIEW sales in overseas is going up very fast, especially in Asia.

All of LUVIEW cosmetic products are created by highly optimized formula from carefully selected natural ingredients and the most advanced dermatology to bring out that”luminous view” in you~ meaning it provides its users a natural and flawless finish while leaving the skin feeling sift and supple never dry! 

These natural minerals and botanical extracts, which consist the prescribed oriental formula, are the main reason for making the skin free from harsh and toxic effects of other makeup hence; the word “skin friendly makeup” ^^

Another good thing about Luview cosmetics is that all its products are KFDA certified (Korea Food and Drug Administration) which basically means that all functional ingredients their products contain, protects your skin from the sunlight (which is the main reason of photo aging and pigmentation and will provide a velvety radiant skin tone^^)

And now, I am sure you are all excited to get to know some of their famous and best selling products… So here it goes


Lovely pink & Sexy brown in one compact(2.5g x 4ea)

  • Benefit : Lovely pink & sexy brown in one compact
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Microfine powder
  • Shades : 



Four coordinating shades of velvety, shimmery color to create the looks you want, from lovely to sexy. Creamy, intense shadows build quickly, blend easily for lasting color. Wear them alone, as duos and trios, or layered together.

  1. Highlight and dramatize your eyes with the shimmering shades
  2. Silky lustrous powders transparently wrap the skin, allowing a seamless layering of pure color for a silky sheen and radiant finish.
  3. Squalene ingredients helps forming of skin protection layer without dry


Natural and luminous skin from micro capsule containing aloe extracts 30ml

  • Benefit : Whitening, Pure moisturizing, Cell-rejuvenation
  • Skin types : Oily, Combination Skin
  • Formula : Cream


Light is not only reflected on the surface but it is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin. Aloe ingredients keeps surface radiant by absorbing excessive sebum and skin’s inner moisturizing

  1. Magic capsule for customized finish
    Upon application, the micro capsule inside cream pops and turns into an natural skin color with pearl shinning
  2. Natural light effect 
    Enhance skin’s natural light with pearl shinning
  3. Non-irritating natural minerals doesn’t cause break-outs
  4. Whitening: KFDA certified
  5. Talc free


  • Benefit : Whitening, Wrinkle improvement, UV protection, Pouch
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Cream, Pressed powder


Soothing and natural-looking coverage with the crystal mini makeup set anywhere, anytime

  1. Natural and flawless, full coverage
    Mini BB cream & mineral pact packed as traveler set for easy use
  2. Radiant and soothing effect The jewelry ingredients keeps
    skin velvety, radiant and translucent while 11 botanical tea ingredients provide soothing effect.
  3. Optimizes skin’s varying tones to create a more even appearance. Buildable coverage lasts for hours, yet feels like nothing at all.
  4. Wrinkle improvement, Whitening and UV protection : KFDA certified


Romantic lip point with ultra shiny dual color(3ml x 2ea)

  • Benefit : Dual color, Pure moisturizing, Glossy without sticky
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Liquid
  • Shades


A dual lip gloss that drenches lips in captivating lovely milky pink and sexy rosy pink that’s downright dazzling.

  1. This ultra shiny gloss express voluptuous girl’s lip
  2. Dual lip gloss express a voluptuous pout with a high-shine finish and sweeps on
  3. Moisture-boosting ingredients ensure lips feel soft, smooth and moisture all day long
  4. Ultra glossy formula enables easy glide luminous and lasting without any sticky feeling


Easy! Effectively! Protects your skin from sunlight anywhere, anytime, 9g

  • Benefit : Oil control, SPF 50+, PA+++, Built in brush
  • Skin types : Oily, Combination skin
  • Formula : Micro-fine powder


Powder type sun block protects skin from UV and UVB damage

  1. One-touch brush : The built-in natural brush enables convenient use anywhere, anytime.
  2. LUVIEW’s sebum control powder. Loose, lightweight texture is right for every type of skin and skin friendly pigments keeps make up clean all day
  3. Ultra fine sun powder enables its use at the last stage of make up and skin-hugging formula delivers a reliably flawless finish.
  4. SPF50+ / PA+++ : KFDA certified


Complexion perfection with full, flawless coverage 40ml

  • Benefit : Whitening, Primer, Sebum control, Natural coverage
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Cream


Skin booming effect promises more even skin tone, visibly cover pore and blemishes for a reliably flawless finish

  1. Primer formula
    Primer formula sets and perfects makeup, makes pores seem to disappear.
  2. Skin blooming effect
    Containing light-diffusion powder forms the coating film inducing diffused reflection and silicone elastomer keeps skin flawless and radiant hour after hour
  3. Long lasting powder formula
    Sebum control powder and skin friendly (organic silicone coating) pigments keeps makeup clean all day
  4. Whitening : KFDA certified


Fresh hub therapy that completely removes impurities deep into the pore 120ml

  • Benefit : Refreshing foam cleans, Moisturizing, rebalancing skin
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Cream


Containing mild lemon balm hub ingredients enables fresh feeling deep into the pore with plentiful bubbles

  1. Hub complex
    Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus extracts keeps skin clean
  2. Mild cleansing
    Skin friendly olive oil completely remove makeup remnant and impurities in the skin by gentle touch
  3. Deep moisturizing
    Trehalos from mushroom delivers excellent moisturizing effect to the skin by combination of protein and hydrogen on the surface of the skin cells


Drippy drenches skin in the natural color and comforting moisture 40ml

  • Benefit : Whitening, Pure moisturizing essence
  • Skin types : Oily, Sensitive, Combination Skin
  • Formula : Cream


Enriched aqua gel film provides a no-makeup look and feel, yet covers imperfections with a natural, hydrating touch.

  1. Aqua supply system
    Natural glucose polymer from fermentation and aqua capture polymer supply plentiful moisture and form the protective layer to keep skin damp hour after hour
  2. Aqua essence formula
    Unlike other BB cream, Aqua formula inside enables to feel light weight, gentle and plentiful moisture
  3. Skin soothing effect
    Botanical ingredients such as aloe and kava extraction delivers the soothing effect to the skin. Oil, talc, paraben free
  4. Whitening : KFDA certified


Perfect completion of your crystal skin makeup 13g

  • Benefit : UV protection, Mineral enriched
  • Skin types : Normal
  • Formula : Pressed powder
  • Shades


Inspired by crystal minerals, It keeps skin flawless and radiant hour after hour

  1. Jewelry formula
    Jewelry formula measurably reduce redness and keeps skin radiant
  2. Ultra-fine satin powder glides on silky smooth, stays on comfortably, without feeling dry
  3. Optimizes skin’s varying tones to create a more even appearance.
    Buildable coverage lasts for hours, yet feels like nothing at all. Controls shine. In a ready-to-go, ready-to-perfect compact.


Jewelry ingredients melted into the botanical tea and turned into an BB cream 40ml

  • Benefit : Natural coverage, Whitening, Wrinkle improvement, UV protection, Mineral enriched
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Cream
  • Shades


Soothing and natural-looking coverage for all skin imperfection, including Surgical and acne scars, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins with triple function of wrinkle improvement, whitening and SPF 30

  1. Natural and flawless, full coverage
    This BB cream provides customized coverage, from sheer to moderate with a matte finish.
  2. Radiant and soothing effect
    he jewelry ingredients keeps skin velvety, radiant and translucent while 11 botanical tea ingredients provide soothing effect.
  3. Cell rejuvenation 
    Swiss almond, centella, aloe etc. helps cell rejuvenation with moisture supply
  4. Wrinkle improvement
    Whitening and UV protection : KFDA certified


Lashes seem to multiply, magnify, grow to extremes with special polymer and fiber 10ml

  • Benefit : Long lashes, Natural polymer & fibers
  • Skin types : All
  • Formula : Cream


For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, Special volume-up polymer and natural fiber coat each lash from root to tip

  1. MAX volume & long lash
    Carefully selected polymer provide glamorous eye lashes while natural fiber enhance the long lashes.
  2. Long lasting without smudge
  3. Look pretty for 24 hours without a smudge or smear. Lasts through rain, sweat, 
    humidity, tears. Yet the formula removes easily with warm water.
  4. Start brush
    Unique brush applicator reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest lahses by holding the proper amount of liquid for gradual.
  5. Lash protection: Vitamin B5, chamomile and other soothing ingredients protect the eye lash.

With regards to its pricing, it can be a bit higher and set about 80 % of Mioggi and Missha which are at similar grading. But I would not mind considering that by looking at the products alone, they are worthy to be purchased and given attention… ^^

Recently, I had a good conversation with Mr. Bryan Han, Luview’s Director of Sales and Marketing, He was kind and generous enough to provide me with some of Luview’s best selling items for me to do a review on. So to my dear readers, keep posted on my next Luview cosmetics review and I might also plan to give some of what they’ll be sending over as a giveaway! I also want all of you to experience the magic of Luview and be smitten away by the effectiveness of its individual products as well. As soon as my parcel arrives, I will immediately update all of you and the mechanics of the giveaway I shall be holding in partnership with Luview cosmetics.

That is it for now, and I do hope you were somehow informed of the company’s philosophies and its aim of making every Asian beauty shine by creating the luminous glow inside and out! Join me in supporting and promoting this promising brand of Korean cosmetics and together let us all witness the ORIENTAL SECRET to a Luminous view by LUVIEW cosmetics! (hope i made sense?! kkkk)

Here are the following links for you to be able to connect with Luview cosmetics:

Facebook fan page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/LUVIEW-cosmetics/227788050593734

Luview Korea:http://www.facebook.com/pages/LUVIEW-KOREA/120357604726238