Good day beauties~ This is to inform you all that Luview Cosmetics is now opening another event for their dear supporters all over the world!!! I am sure you all are very excited to know what the contest is all about?! So here it goes… Below is the official announcement of the host of the event, Mr. Bryan Han of Luview cosmetics ^^,) I just edited some parts (minor) so that you all can fully understand the whole mechanics.


We invite you LUVIEW




Once we reach to 1004 likes fans,

Well share

the Secret of 1% of the top ranked Asian celebrities 

with our 10 angels!!!



 Event Period: From the date of announcement till it reaches to 1004 likes ~ 10 days

■ Event join: STEP 1 click like of LUIVEW fan page

          STEP 2 visit LUVEW official home page:

          STEP 3 Leave your

(1)   nationality

(2)   select 2 products you want to have

(3)   Your feeling & though on our brand

               on our event page in our website


 Winners announcement: We will give You 2 products each and a total 10 winners will be selected!

 Hidden quiz: Whats the meaning of 1004? Leave your guess on our face book fan page!

   Something special secret presents are waiting for only one angel?

Therefore, I urge everyone one of you, my dear readers to please do support me and Luview cosmetics in this very exciting event! Amazing products are to be given away and the good thing is that you get to choose the items you have been dreaming of! So what’s not to love about Luview cosmetics right? I know it’ll be a struggle for all of us since 1004 seems a bit too big but I guess that this event is worth the wait and worth the effort as well… So hurry and repost/reblogged this post to inform others about Luview’s generosity and kindness to its lovely supporters!

WHO KNOWS? YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THE FEW LUCKY WINNERS and even be termed as one of Luview’s finest ANGELS!!! woohooo~

Goodluck everyone and Let us all keep on supporting and promoting Luview Cosmetics to others ❤

Im out!!!