Hello beauties~ Its me again… I am very happy to announce that with the success of our 1004 Likes event on Facebook, Luview Cosmetics will be holding another exciting event to its Angels to thank them for their warm response and keen attention to their products! ^^,  By the way, just to remind you my dear Angels, the event is almost at its end so be sure to recheck your entries for the 1004 likes event and just wait for the announcement to be made by our Facebook fan page administrator!!! woohooo~~

On the the other hand, This is the official announcement coming from Mr. Bryan Han, the one who is responsible for creating yet again a memorable and exciting event for us Angels :



Always thanks for your powerful support on LUVIEW brand

We will start our new EVENT LOVE YOU LUVIEW photo contest 

from September 7, 2011 to the date of reach to 2030 LIKEs!


Bryan Han / Director / Sales & Marketing   

C: +82-10-8713-8433

T: +82-70-8668-2507  F :+82-2-2168-2511

#2501, Hyundai 41 Tower, Mok 1-dong,

Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (158-723)



Itching to know what the “new event” is all about? No need to wait any longer! here are the details…


We (Luview Cosmetics) invite you  

LOVE YOU LUVIEW photo contest…


Dear LUVIEW angels,

Show your love to LUVIEW with your creative photos you made!

Photo can be beautiful or funny!!!


1st  prize: LUVIEW makeup full set + LUVIEW angel T-shirts

2nd  prize: LUIVEW 5 Products + LUVIEW angel T-shirts

3rd  prize: LUVIEW 3 products + LUIVEW angel T-shirts

These are just some sample/temporary designs made by Miss Rachel (Hyokyoung Park), one of Luview’s hard working team member^^ Who knows these cute tees might be yours if chosen to be one of our lucky winners!!! I must say the designs are so girly and dont forget the angel logo at the back… so pretty ^^


Event Period: From the date of reach to 2030 LIKES ~ 10 days

Event join

STEP 1: Click “LIKE” of LUVIEW fan page

STEP 2: Post your PHOTO with love and description about the photo

STEP 3: Enjoy other angel’s photos and click “like” of them


HIDDEN QUIZ: What’s the meaning of 2030?

Leave your creative guess on our event page in www.luview.com

Something special secret presents are waiting for only one Angel!

 The mechanics are plain and simple, you guys. So hurry, invite more of our fellow Angels to participate and start being creative as well (hence the photo making part). Luview cosmetics wants us all to take part in this great event and I do hope you will also participate in it… the more people we can invite, the merrier! It is not only winning for your own self but also learning to appreciate and support other Angel’s who is new to our growing family… See you all there and PLEASE DO PROMOTE IT TO OTHERS… Luview Cosmetics definitely deserves the chance to be introduced to everyone else around the globe! GOODLUCK~ im out ^^