Hello beauties~ Its me again (bbcreamaddict). A few hours ago, I just learned that I am still chosen to be a supporter/reviewer for The Skin Shop! Yay, I am very happy indeed ^^, As I was browsing through our fan page earlier, I noticed that there has also been a lot of changes that has been slowly taking place since our 1000 Likes Achievement Event on Facebook! And so, this post is just to inform all of you my lovely readers, of what has been going on recently with regards to our contest events for our dear supporters/followers, future projects and sponsorships that we are dealing as of the moment and of course the launching of new products from TSS which is to die for!!!


To start with,you may have all remembered our 300 Likes Event right? A while ago, through our official fan page on Facebook, our Admin officially announced the following supporters (including yours truly^^) Here are the list…

1. Patrixia Drake

2. Tara Fonsseca C. Buot

3. Izell J. Abaya

4. Shimmerjjang Andhie

5. Lourdes R. Doliogsa

6. Krischia Saporsantos

7. Cristine Gabo

8. Camilla

9. Bijin Blair

For the names mentioned up above, congrats! You all deserve it! To the new supporters, welcome aboard and hope you can also help us in promoting and delivering honest reviews and ads for THE SKIN SHOP!

I was asked by Mr. Danny to be in charge of the distribution of our parcel but no idea on the products that we will be receiving as of the moment ( I guess it will just surprise us?!) Next week for sure, I will post the necessary updates though so don’t worry girls~ 

As for our 1000 Likes Achievement Event, TSS is already preparing the list of winners and will be making the announcement as soon as possible (stay tuned!) And so, I still urge each and everyone of you to be active in our fan page and do the necessary ways for TSS to be noticed within our area (that is the least we could do right?) Their company has been so generous to us and what more could we ask for… a little time and effort I guess, is all we will need to show our gratitude towards them ( it wouldn’t hurt right?) We need to understand that to help TSS reach its success, we must also share it to a greater audience that way, TSS can gain praise/approval and thus, increase their demand in the market!

Secondly, The Skin Shop is already introducing new products from their line up!!! Wanna see what they look like and their features: Braise yourselves ladies and gents and be amazed by their new releases…


– Dual functional sun cream which is highly effective for UV protection and skin whitening
– It protects the skin from strong UV rays and makes the skin clear and splendent.
– Thanks to lighter feeling and fast absorbtion, the stressed skin can be relaxed and softly cared for long lasting moisturized skin. The Naiacinamide helps make the skin white and the Witch Hazel water and Kava extract make the skin healthier with giving mositure and nutrition.

In addition to the never ending story of success for TSS, they have been chosen as the sponsor for the 48th Daejong Festival, which is one of the most respectable award giving body in Korea’s film industry! Congrats to TSS for making it big and slowly gaining an audience! You truly deserve it ^^


The Skin Shop is also planning a MAJOR EVENT(something really big for its supporters)… no clue about it though but once I get a hold of it, will let you guys know straight ahead!

As an end statement to this post, I congratulate The Skin Shop and all of its staff and other members for a job well done! Truly, you deserve everything that has been happening to your company. Do expect my full support (also my fellow co bloggers and TSS supporters) to your company! LET US ALL BE IN THE SKIN SHOP WORLD… CHEERS ^^