Hello beauties~ been a while since my last post… was very busy lately,my apologies! (mommy duties since I gave birth recently via CS). As you all know, I am an avid supporter of The Skin Shop, a Korean based cosmetic company which offers highly natural and effective cosmetics from make-up to skin care line. Recently, together with my other supporters  and co bloggers, we were given the chance to try out their newly released products! How cool is that?!

This post is somewhat a brief review on my frst usage of the following products they have sent over for me to try out ^^ detailed reviews will follow…

My initial thoughts upon first usage:

I paired the sun cream along with my TSS Iris Color Control BB cream, and it did wonders on my face all through out the day! The sun cream itself, is light and easy to spread unto the areas of my face. I also like the way it smells not your typical sun screen which smells kinda plastic or something, almost similar to a BB cream scent! I remember, I had to walk on broad daylight to do some errands and I felt that even though the heat of the sun was there, my face was not irritated (nor did i felt that my face was absorbing the heat from the harmful rays) Together with the Iris CC BB cream, the sebum formation on my face was controlled! Amazing~ I am definitely recommending this sun cream to everyone out there! A must try indeed ^^

After I applied the IRIS power whitening sun cream and IRIS CC BB cream on my face, to set it I used TSS Magic Science mineral pact. I love the puff that it comes with! When I use it to pat the content onto my face, it somewhat glides and feels very soft! Its a plus point for me, since right now my skin is really in a bad shape (hypersensitivity issues again!!! grrrr) the coverage is light to a medium finish. What I do notice is that it is a one shade lighter than my skin tone (maybe i could have gone with the natural beige shade) but other that that, its fine with me. It doesnt feel heavy or cakey when you apply it so its up to if you want to use the puff that it comes with or a brush in order for you to build the coverage that you would want the most for your face to achieve.

Stay tuned tom I’ll be posting my initial thoughts on the gel liner and mascara as well ^^

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