Hello beauties~ another late review for all of you.

They always say your hair is your crowning glory… I’ll have to agree on that. It is the one thing we girls/ladies should be aware of and must take into consideration simply because our hair separates us from others it brings about a unique identity to us.

Ever wanted a sleek, straight hair? Of course! who wouldn’t want it? I sure for one, am dreaming of it^^ That is why when Korea Cosmetics sent a sponsorship for this particular item, I immediately replied and agreed to do a review for the said product. So now, let’s get started shall we?…






It comes in lilac box with a pretty girl as its model^^, and the actual straightening product comes in a 120g/4.23oz sealed tube form. Directions, content of the kit, key ingredients, special features, and CAUTION (regarding product usage) are also indicated which is a good thing so that first users will be guided on how to properly apply and use the content itself.


> No neutralizer needed

since this product des not need neutralizer, the straightening is short and simple

> Suitable for healthy, resistant and thick hair

> High concentration of henna extracts

the advanced formula enriched with henna extracts leaves your hair healthy and elastic after straightening

>Superior conditioning effect

the formulation enriched with natural olive and marine collagen minimizes hair damage and maintains a silky soft hair even after straightening

> A great quantity of cationic detergent accelerates the penetration and effect of the cream

>No ammonia and formalin in the concentration of the product itself


Before applying the treatment to my hair, I washed it first and lightly shampooed and conditioned it afterwards. I towel dried my hair and combed it carefully… here are the pics.

(without flash) Right side 

(with flash) Left side

As you can see, my hair has the tendency to fly away and split ends are also noticeable as well…

Moving on, when my hair had finally dry down, I carefully applied the straightening cream. According to the manual, for damaged hair, waiting time is 10-20 minutes. For severely damaged hair 5-10 minutes. As for me, I waited for 15 minutes since I fall into the damaged hair category.


After patiently waiting for 15 minutes, the hair treatment is now complete. I immediately washed my hair with the 30g conditioner that the kit included.

So far, my hair was soft and the conditioner smelled nice. I did not have a hard time combing my hair also.

But sad to say when my hair was dried already, I noticed that the ends became more stiff and brittle. Here are the pics…

(without flash) 

Yes, I admit some parts of my hair were straightened out but it really looks stiff and almost not natural T.T I waited for another two days without shampooing my hair but the result yields negative. I think my hair just didn’t react well with the treatment cream.


 Overall, I could not say if I will or will not recommend this brand to others out there since everyone also has different reactions right? What might be bad for me, will work out on you and vice versa. What I do know, is that upon initial usag of the product, I did not experience any irritation in my scalp area. The result was just negative so I am not pleased with its claim of perfectly straightening out a stubborn, damaged hair.

These was sent to by Korea Cosmetics for review purposes, my thoughts and reactions are my own and not being influenced by he company.

Btw, if you’ll get the chance to try these one out, please do let me know is that i may be able to compare the difference with your methid of using it…

P.S. Any advice owhat to do now with my severely damaged hair??? Is rebonding an option? What do I do afterwards? Dont want to get out with my hair looking like this… HELP!!!