Hello beauties and new followers~ this is the second installment of the products i’ve received from THE SKIN SHOP ^^

For starters, the following products were sent as a prize for winning their recent event on Facebook. I am in no way paid/influenced by the company to do this, all opinions/thoughts on their products are my own ^^


Initial thoughts:

* Gel liner- Available color is in black. Upon application, I noticed that I had to put 2-3 swatches of the liner to make it more visible (it is build-able though meaning the more product you apply, the more vibrant the color becomes ^^) What I don’t like about it is that at times, it leaves spaces when thinly applied so I’d have to redo it once in a while to make sure its perfectly done. 

(Right eye)


(Left eye)


(Did you see some spaces that weren’t covered? its in my water line area) but once the second coating/swatch was applied… voila!


Overall, I find it easy to use and yes, its waterproof! I tried washing my eyes after applying it and yet it still wont come off ^^ Here is a pic of how eyes looked like after applying it together with the mascara, I love its lengthening effect! 




Initial thoughts:

* Mascara- It comes in very sleek and handy packaging ^^ Applicator has a unique wand but as for the curling effect, I only rate it in an average level. On the other hand, the volume it gives though is rather fascinating! 2-3 coats is enough to get that gorgeous lashes girlies!!! Here are the pics…

(without mascara)


(with mascara)


Notice the volume it gives to my lashes??? Pretty cool eh??? ^^

Here is the finished look… (with flash)

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the mascara… although the curling factor is in its minimal level I am opting for the voluminous look though so yeah, it’s not that a big deal for me. I still love it and would recommend it to you all my dear readers ^^

That’s it for now, and hope you all have a good day! Love y’all ^^