Hello beauties~ sorry again for this late review on the skin care line that I have been trying for a few days already… 

This is another product from one of my favorite Korean brand of cosmetics : THE SKIN SHOP ^^


The Skin Shop’s recovery line has been raved by my co bloggers here on Tumblr and on Facebook and so I was really tempted to personally purchase the entire lline! Sad to say, the Premium secret BB cream was out of stock at the time I placed my order and so I only ordered the cream and mucin pack for myself TT. At that time, the set costs 37 USD but now, it’s roughly 57 USD already. Pretty pricey eh? But believe me, once you’ve tried it you’ll love it! Its worth every penny anyway…

Now talking abut my experience using the set for almost a week already, I can say that I have been pleased with how it pampers and heals my skin. Recently, I’ve had terrible break outs and so I started using the Recovery line to fight off the ugly red spots popping on my face! Here are the pics… I’m sorry that I can’t upload my entire face, really looks awful (post pregnancy insecurities people, hope y’all understand) Rest assured, I am the one modelling the pics and those aren;t edited or anything! ^^

(without flash)



(with flash)


I love how my skin feels afterwards I use the mucin pack! I just squeeze out a generous amount frpm the tube and apply it to my face in a gentle rotating motion (sometimes, I lightly massage my face to make sure it is well absorbed by my skin ^^) I wait about 10-15 minutes and wash it off with running water and voila~ a clean and refreshed look minus the heaviness/oily feeling I usually experience with other mask packs ^^ It somehow cleans out my pores inside out to treat impurities thereby reducing redness and the occurrence of more pimples! Yaaaayyy~ 

When done with the pack, I immediately apply the recovery cream by lightly massaging it on my face concentrating on the areas where I have break outs (forehead, a red spot below my left eyebrow, some on my cheeks and lower jawline but minor only) In an instant, I felt my skin somehow felt smooth and my face is soft to touch ^^ I looveee it!!!

I love how both smelled when applied on my face… the consistency is not too thick which I also happen to love because it means you’ll only need a little time to apply it for it to be absorbed by your facial muscles plus, it doesn’t give me a heavy/moist feeling upon using it ^^ since I have an oily skin type. Furthermore, I have not experienced any irritations or any untoward side effects while using the two products interchangeably.

I’ll be updating you guys 2-3 weeks from now (with pictures as proof) to really compare the difference if indeed it helped me clear out my stubborn pimples ^^

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