hello beauties~ it has been a long time since my last blog update! anyway, i am here to introduce a new product release from one of my favorite korean brand: THE SKIN SHOP. even i, myself, was amazed by their new concept! picture this you gals~ a portable vibrating make up tool that allows you to create a perfect canvass on your face through the use of soft, delicate vibrations while allowing you to build up your foundation or bb cream! amazing isn’t it? not only as a make up tool, it acts as massage tool to pamper your face by making it smooth from inside-out!


another good thing about this new and savvy product is that it is portable! meaning, you can bring it wherever you may go and use it to your heart’s content! considering its size, it allows one to apply makeup easily, without any hassle or difficulties since it has a soft, elastic and take note you guys!: REFILLABLE puffs! (TSS still never fails us with their modern concept of cosmetics!) and the result: a much more flawless and healthy skin! oh my gosh~ i am so excited for it to be released here in Cebu! 

the price is said to be around 50 USD… but if you ask me? it is all worth it! and i would never regret to spend such amount just to achieve that smooth,polished look that i have been wanting my skin to look like!

i am really excited as to what this product may offer to the cosmetic afficionados out there because i personally believe this would do great wonders for our ASIAN SKIN! i have tried a lot of things from THE SKIN SHOP and none failed me and so i am really expecting for this baby to work on me (and i know it will ^^)!

oh and by the way, for the cebu based make up addicts and korean brand cosmetic lovers, THE SKIN SHOP stall can be located at SM ground floor inside WATSON’s pharmacy… see you all there and i hope you get to experience the magic that TSS brings forth to its consumers! new skin care line for men and women (IRIS Derma whitening skin care line) will be released as well… no specific dates as of the moment though but i’ll definitely update you guys ^^

to the staff behind the making and release of THE SKIN EDITOR V9, my warmest congratulations to all of your hardwork! i know it will surely pay off in the end! with a great concept, and a very efficient and reliable product like the V9, im sure everybody will soon be stunned by its effectiveness and they will now know the secret to having a smooth, flawless skin… thanks to the magic of THE SKIN SHOP!!!