there’s a whole lotta shaking going on in the beauty world… from wiggling mascaras, body firming and sculpting devices, whoah! vibration overload! but is all of this buzzing actually buzzworthy? let’s find out!

i have read the following post on elle magazine march 2010 issue (i give credits to the said magazine for the info i shall be providing below):


The company’s new Ôscillation Powerfoundation (Lancome)—essentially, a vibrating powder puff—may also offer collateral beauty bonuses. Though its chief task is to break down mineral makeup and disperse it evenly onto the face, “it also softly massages and buffs the skin,” Papaleo says, “resulting in diminished fine lines and a dramatic refinement of texture over time.” Lancôme’s findings are based on a four-week study involving 50 women’s self-assessments, but according to New York dermatologist Anne Chapas, MD, it’s unlikely that a souped-up powder puff alone could significantly reverse the ravages of time. “Vibration will enhance circulation and get blood flowing to the dermis,” she says. “This can give a rejuvenated appearance—but it’s temporary.”

now here’s the deal—- one my favorite korean cosmetic brand namely: THE SKIN SHOP has recently released a new and superb makeup tool… THE SKIN EDITOR V9! similar to Lancome’s new oscillation powerfoundation, the V9 itself also has a vibrating effect when applied unto the face… considering the similarites beween the two, i would most probably expect that V9 will also give that “rejuvenated appearance” to my face thanks to its soft delicate vibrations! although the changes might be temporary, no worries you gals, why? THE SKIN SHOP also will be releasing the following skin care line up to ensure of that youthful beauty for every woman out there…

1. Iris Derma Whitening solution plus – for women who want to achieve that flawless, porcelain look!

2. Magic Science Derma Solution Anti-wrinkle Pro+ – for the career oriented women/middle-aged women who want to reduce their fine lines and wrinkles brought about by stress and other biological factors

Amazing isn’t it? How TSS works inorder to provide immediate help for the different skin care related problems we women, face every single day… from make ups that will surely make us pretty to reliable skin care products to ensure that our skin is pampered and cared of… It really is magic, It’s THE SKIN SHOP ^^

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