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                                                 Anne Roiphe

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I am back with another tip that’ll surely be of help to us…

Ever wanted a perfect smile but it seems as though your teeth aren’t showing that sparkly clean glow and perfect white color? Well ladies, here is another DIY that is so affordable and would not cost you a big dime!

This tip was shared by my sister’s (Wynonah) dentist since she has braces applied on about 2 months already and she has been having sensitivity issues then. 

Dental bleaching also known as, Tooth whitening is becoming a fad these days. People are now obsessed to it that they would allow themselves to undergo very expensive procedures like the one I am showing you guys below. The amount may vary from 500 to 1000 USD depending on the duration of treatment. Whoah~ you see? A looooot of money is needed! 


But do not fret my dear readers, for I have a remedy in this predicament that we are all in. For under 5 bucks, we can definitely make a way to achieve a whiter set of teeth in no time! This post will also be a challenge on my part since I will also personally try this DIY and post pics after my 2 weeks of using the home made paste. (hope it’ll provide good results eh? ^^) Ready? Here we go…

Prepare the following materials as needed:

1. lime (kalamansi) or lemon- the acid component found in these ingredients which is mainly citric acid is helpful in removing stains in our tooth enamel.


2. sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)- this is most likely to balance the acidity given off  by the citric acid. when mixed with lime, or lemon, it forms into a paste

3. hydrogen peroxide- this one is optional though. if you want maximum results, mix the peroxide with the baking soda instead of the limes/lemons. but since i find it too abrasive, i shall use the lime/lemon for my challenge instead ^^

4. water- this acts to dilute the paste if it is too much concentrated or if you don’t have peroxide, this is optional as well.

5. spoon- this tool is important to mix the ingredients altogether and to make mixture for pasty as well.

6. toothbrush- serves as your tool in delivering the paste to your oral cavity 

7. plate/mixing bowl- where all ingredients are to be mixed so as to avoid spillage or messy work area.


* In a clean mixing bowl, gently pour the baking soda depending on the amount that you desire.

* Using a strainer, squeeze the juices out from the lime/lemon, preferably3-6pcs lime or half the slice of the lemon. Once they are added, the mixture will begin to forming into tiny bubbles. Allow it to settle first before starting to mix it altogether with your spoon ^^

* If you feel that it is too harsh for your gums, you can add a little bit of water so as to dilute the mixture. Continue mixing until it forms into a paste.

* With your toothbrush, scoop some of the paste from the mixing bowl and brush it alongside your teeth making sure that everything is being covered with the paste. If you opt using the peroxide, please do not swallow it and spit it out after applying the paste and rinse it lukewarm water immediately.


In order to have whiter, clean teeth the following must be observed:

* avoid smoking too much, caffeine, dark colored sodas/teas, for these contribute to a yellowish discoloration in our teeth

* make brushing a habit before and after meals! the idea here is not only to achieve a set of pearly whites, but also healthy gums in order to prevent halitosis and gingivitis which is an embarrassing condition. would you want that? DEFINITELY NO, right? 

* regular flossing also helps so as to remove plaque and bacterial build up around the tooth and gums

* most importantly,regular consultation with your dentist also helps since they are the experts on this field and is highly knowledgeable of what remedies you can do to achieve that healthy, white teeth

As for my challenge, I will be using the lime and baking soda for 14 days and I will also take a pic of my teeth before and after using this paste. Wish me luck guys, and I hope by then I shall be sporting a sparkly white teeth for all of you to see!

Get over with the MONDAY BLUES and start BRUSHING with me~ ^^

Till then,

bbcreamaddict ^^