hello lovelies~ how’s it going? i am back with another post! this time, i will be talking about a company that i am now affiliated—- Wish Company/Wishtrend ^^

you might all ask… what is wishtrend? what does it do? well, here are the answers:

WISH company? 

We supply marketing, distributing, and network service on beauty, fashion, and entertainment brands.

– Client solution : We do marketing consulting & research for finding the insight to clients.And we know the way to make the ‘Big hit brand’ through WISH service program.

– Distributing : WISHtrend helps distribute your items in globally. We can make and deliver the contents of photo & video. And our contents are released to our channel such as New PR, Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

at first, i stumble upon their company through facebook. my co bloggers have participated in their ‘blind test” for bb creams if i am not mistaken later on boxes were sent for review purposes. i must admit, being a korean cosmetic junkie, i was really interested as to what this company offers and did my own research. another youtuber, YELLOWYCREAM supported this brand and from then on i kept an eye on Wish company ever since.

it was just until a few days ago that i gathered enough strength and determination to apply for a position being their product reviewer and brand promoter. This ad was posted on their official site so for those who aspires to become a full reviewer or supporter kindly visit the site to know more of the terms of being a wishtrend blogger(reviewer)/supporter.

luckily, mr.eddie was kind enough to assist me and instructed me on what are the terms for my application. to my surprise, i was accepted and now, i can officially say, i am now representing and fully supporting WISHTREND! —- so that was my announcement

good news? you might all ask? well, for my fellow FILIPINA makeup/korean makeup enthusiats, i will be providing DISCOUNT COUPONS for those who are interested to buy from Wish Company but are on a tight budget… the purpose of such coupons is to reduce the original price of the item you desire! the more items you purchase, the more chances of reducing your total balance! definitely worth a try right?!

secondly, wish company will be cooking up some interesting events and giveaways for this month till JULY so please do support our fan page and promote it to others as well! the admin will just notify the fans regarding the mechanics of the said event/giveaway…  so, stay tuned everyone and WISH that you might be the lucky one during that time ^^

that is all for now lovely readers and please show your love to wishtrend by supporting our facebook page here:


have a greaaaat and splendid day everyone!

much love,