hello everyone~ here is my review for the products that were sent over by Korea Cosmetics for me to try on ^^

Disclaimer: The following products were sent over by Korea Cosmetics in partnership with Tera Enc/Tera Eco Co. for review purposes. I am not affiliated with Tera Enc/ Tera eco Co. All opinions/thoughts are my own.


The full size version of the product comes in a pump like (bottle) form just as what you can see from the picture above but as for me, I just received samples so here is what it looks like (rectangular sachet type)…

As for the sample version of Recell I & II, the only difference is that ReCell I has a metallic silver color and ReCell II retains the black color same as the full size version.


When you squeeze out a small amount unto your hand, the serum gives off a transparent color. It has a light consistency; not your typical serums out there which may tend to be a little sticky or heavy for your skin to take^^. Here is what it looks like…

When applied directly on my skin, it has a soothing almost cooling effect which is what I love about this product! The scent is also not that overwhelming as well… just a mild (herbal)floral scent. I have tried timing it as to how long it takes for both the serums to be absorbed by skin and guess what?! It only takes 20 to 30 seconds for it to dry up and instantly be absorbed by my skin (as seen on the animated gif).

I find this amazing because it only shows that with its fast absorption to my skin, the key ingredients in order to nourish and replenish my cells will be delivered in no time!


Main Ingredients

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, Adenosine, Human Oligopeptide-1, Cabomer, Allantoin, Disodium EDTAPEG-60 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Acacia Senegal Flower/Stem Extract, Triethanolamine, Hamamelis Virniniana(Witch Hazel) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylparaben, Perfume.


This amazing serum gives your skin an younger-looking glow and leaves it feeling incredibly silky. Collagen Fluid care serum is the refreshing. Phytogel type of essence E.G.F in ReCell which is made from pure and natural extracts. It keeps your skin fresh and clear. Collagen Fluid Care Serum highly concentrated levels of active and nutritional to your skin, seals in the maximum daily required as well as strengthen the skin by naturally stimulating collagen production. This helps repair skin imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from the aging effects of the environment. Non-irritating. Great for all skin types.


It helps removing wrinkles and whitening your face by deeply absorbing and keeps moisturized on the skin. This essence uses pure phyto collagen only.


This is how I apply the serum unto my face…

1. Make sure face and neck is properly cleaned since these will be the areas where you will be applying your serum. You may use your “trusty” facial soap or any gentle skin cleanser/ facial foam. Always remember, cleansing one’s face is the most basic step to skincare and for one to achieve a younger, healthy looking skin ^^,

2. For those using the full sized version of the ReCell I & II, 1-2 pumps is enough for your entire face and  neck. Gently apply ReCell I to the areas where you feel needs more nourishing from the serum.

3. Let the product be absorbed by your skin (usually takes 20-3-seconds only in my case!) before layering it with ReCEll II.

4. Again, let it settle first before applying your sunblock. Usually during the day, it is important to put sunscreen to protect our face from harmful UV rays. As you all know    the formulation of the serums might have an effect on our skin  ( further darkening of our skin) if it is overexposed to the sun. PREVENTION is the key! So put on those sunscreens like there’s no tomorrow! nah, just kidding… ^^This is what KC gave me as my back up




I find the sunblock a little bit sticky and thick in texture. I don’t like the scent it has though; highly overpowering for me. I like the fact that it blends with my skin well and isn’t irritating at all.

5. This step is optional though. As for me, if I have errands during the day, when I have finished applying my sunblock to seal all the products on my face I usually just put bb cream or mineral powder on my face to look decent. Here is my final look… (eerrrr sorry bout the wet, messy hair! just literally came out from the shower and applied the serum!haha)



And now for my verdict, what can I say?! I just love these two serums! Aside from my HG skincare products from THE SKIN SHOP (RECOVERY LINE pack and cream), ReCell I & II definitely made it to my list! It’s a shame that I’ve only used it for a week or so but nevertheless, I have no regrets! This product made my skin more soft, supple and healthy… So far, I had no skin irritations or any untoward side effects upon using the said products. As to its claim on making skin appear lighter, that I can not answer since I have only used it for a week and it was only provided in sachets (sample sizes) as well but who knows, if you have the full sized version, you may be able to experience the  effect I guess.  I would definitely recommend this to everyone who would want their skin to be soft and younger looking… it really does the job you guys! Thumbs up and loving this indeed~ Thanks KC for letting me try this amazing serum^^