hello make up junkies! I am back with another sponsored review thanks to Korea Cosmetics … They had been soooo generous to provide me with make up stuff to try on and for that I am sincerely thankful ^^

Disclaimer: The following products were sent over by Korea Cosmetics in partnership with Lamy Cosmetics for review purposes. All opinions/ thoughts about the products are my own.


The make up base comes in a pump like (bottle) form. The box that it comes with has a sleek and futuristic touch to it. I would say “futuristic” since the silver and gold combination it has gives an impression of a new, advanced technology that this make up base promise to offers. It has an edgy side as well judging from the actual bottle, it not your typical “girly girl” makeup base but a newly developed one  (I guess) ^^


The base gives off a blue color. It has a slight foamy texture with a faint floral scent which I am in love with! With regards to its consistency, I find it light and easy to apply unto my face. The essence is easily absorbed by my skin which is a plus point for me as well; it does not give me a sticky nor heavy feeling upon using it.


> Supplying sufficient moisture to the skin is the fundamental basis of good make-up application.  This product alone can prepare your skin for make-up!


Catalina Geo offers a World First with its color capsule make-up base and essence. The make-up base offers these benefits.

UV filters to protect from our harsh environment. / Moisturizes the skin / Oil free / Non allergenic.

Applying smoothly and evenly offering a perfect base for your make-up to last all day.

Comes in three shades (2, 3 and4) each offering different benefits.


No.2 Green This neutralizes red, which makes it perfect for camouflaging red cheeks, broken veins and blemishes.

No3. Blue. This is great for people with dark skin or freckles or pigmentation in the skin.

No4. Violet This is used to offset shallowness and to give the face a health glow because of its antidulling effect. It’s a great pick-me-up for the face and will help tone down yellowness of the skin.  It’s ideal for people with olive or yellow complexions.


Step 1: Pump an appropriate amount onto the back of your hand.

Step 2: Choose a color matching your skin tone and mix well with the essence ingredient on the   back of your hand.



Step 3: Smoothly apply onto the skin from the inside outwards in the following order: cheeks -> forehead -> chin ->nose.


Step 4: Use a brush to improve the affinity with the skin, and so that the skin tone is more cleanly and evenly distributed.

I just love the Mustaev foundation brush! What can I say, it just picks up the right amount of base and bb cream that I used upon doing this review and most of all it has a very soft hair! Btw, I shall also be doing a separate review for this baby as well… So stay tuned for that dearies! For those interested, kindly visit www.wishtrend,com for the full product catalogue ^^



The product assigned for me to do a review on is in the shade # 3. If you look at it it is highly recommended for darker skinned individuals or for those who have freckles or pigmentation; all of which I think I don’t possess. Nevertheless, it did not stop me though for trying out the said product by myself.

Well to my surprise, it gives me a certain glow that I really like! At first, I was also quite concerned about how my face turned a little bit pale than what I expected, but I guess after a few hours it just blended well with my skin tone ^^ It serves a great primer for my Klairs bb cream since I have not experienced caking on my face whenever I try it on.  Here are my pics ^^ I was supposed to do a tutorial as to how I came with this look but yeah, had no time! But will definitely post it one of these days~ ^^

My only main concern was that when I had it on my face for 3 hours straight, I immediately felt a slight itchy feeling. When I looked into the mirror, I noticed two red spots specifically on my left cheek and chin. so maybe next time I’ll just lessen the time I wear it. I am not sure though if it was an irritation brought about by the base or the bb cream that I’ve used but all I did was to wash my face and put on my trusty recovery mask from The Skin Shop and now my skin is alright!

Overall, I give this product a 4.5/5 rating