Hello lovelies~ What a great way to start the weekend by simply relaxing on some good old makeup reads and reviews right? ^^ For today, I will sharing my thoughts on a special makeup tool sent over by Wish Company.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review thanks to Wish Company. I am not being paid or influenced by the said company. All opinions, thoughts of the said product are my own.


As you can see, the picture below shows the details and other brush specifications that the Mustaev foundation possess and which I think is understandable and self explanatory right?

MustaeV’s brushes par the quality of the top-tier make up brands with the same quality control standards and the best materials.

A flat and round shaped, mid-size foundation brush with soft, elastic techron


Foundation Brush

Made in Korea

Brush Specifications

Hair: Techron

Total length: 130mm

Hair length: 29.0mm

Hair Width: 22.5mm

So I’ll start this review by saying that I am just loving the pink and black combo going on in here… Yeah, I know you might say its just typical and all but pffffttt, this combination never fails to bring out the “girly girl”/ feminine side of me. Another plus point for me is that the brush itself comes with a protector! Very hygienic indeed! ^^ If you are wondering what it looks like, kindly refer to this pic:



Upon touching the brush, it was heaven for me! The techron hair is soft and somewhat elastic which is a good medium for blending cream or liquid foundation, concealers or blush perhaps; it is carefully plastered in one direction without stray hairs visible!  I like that it is light weight, not too small for the hands and easy to use~ I can just put it in my little makeup bag and bring it everywhere when I’m on the go without any hassle at all ^^




                                         LEFT (SIDE) PART







                                                    Why Mustaev Brush?

The difference

While other cosmetic products expire in time, your brush stays with you forever

Consideration for your skin

Is your brush bacteria-free?

Makeup brushes are generally hand made, but are they germ free?

Mustaev brushes go through a medical-standard anti-bacterial process at the final step of production.

Soft hair through hairdressing standards

Did you know that hair roots can irritate your skin? Mustaev brushes take extra caution with hairdressing processes to prevent these type of issues.

50 years of accumulated methods and 32 stages of processes

32 processes just for a single brush is how much effort Mustaev invests. 32 processes that take place in a single manufacturing facility with 7 quality control

management programs guarantee consistent, high-quality brushes.


* Product Usage/Direction

How to use

1. Get a good amount of foundation on the brush and realign the furs, using the back of your hand.

2. Use the flat side of the brush to apply from in-to-out of the face for a natural, immaculate face.

Upon testing out the effectivity of Mustaev foundation, I thought I’d also include another product Wish company also distributes: it is the Klairs supple bb cream.

When applied unto the back of my hand, it gives off a creamy, deep, yellow beige color though i am not a fan of its scent somehow 😦  I’d really prefer if it had a mild floral scent, but hey that’s just me ^^ It has a medium to full coverage and to my dismay, after I mixed it with my make up base, my face became pale more than i expected. I tried to let it set for a while and tadaaaaa!~ I noticed that my face brightened up a bit and eventually matched my skin tone. I loved the effect! NO CAKING AT ALL. For sure, I shall be saving up real soon just to purchase the full size version this bb cream! If I’m not mistaken, the full size costs around 20.99USD ^^

Curious as to how I look like afterwards? Here is my pic 🙂

* Verdict

This is my first time using a make up tool/ brush from a Korean Company and guess what I am soooo impressed by the quality of the brush that they have! Not to sound too biased or anything, but the first time I laid my hands on this brush, I am totally hooked right away! I have had a fair share in testing out local brush sets here in Philippines like Nichido, and other non branded make up tools & brushes (sold in the internet) and  even high quality replicas of MAC brushes but none of them came at close as to what Mustaev brushes possess. it does live up to what it promises to its consumers.

Yes, the price is a bit high (if you got to Mustaev’s official website it is sold at 25,000 KRW but at WISH COMPANY they sell it for 23.99 USD so definitely check it out!)  but judging from how it does its job, I could really say these brushes are definitely worth SPLURGING for! why not give it a try then?

Definitely a highly recommended product and 5/5 rating for me. It just follows its motto: “Mustaev~ more thank makeup”

For full product catalogue of the other Mustaev brushes/collection, you may visit www.wishtrend.com! You won’t be disappointed… I assure you ^^

have a greeaaatttt weekend everyone! stay beautiful inside out!