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Hello ladies~ another late review on some skin care items that I have received from Wish Company!

Disclaimer: These products were sent over for review purposes. I am in no way affiliated with Klairs nor am I being paid or influenced by Wish Company. All thoughts, opinions and recommendations of the following products are my own.

Before I head on to my review, let me first introduce you all to the brand Klairs and what it promises to its consumers…

Whoah~ very informative and detailed don’t you think? I am sure you are all excited to know my take on these babies and so without any further ado, let’s start shall we? ^^* PACKAGINGKLAIRS ULTIMATE DUAL EFFECT EYE CREAMThe product comes in a simple, (boxed) bottle/jar container. Dominant colors surrounding the packaging are white & black while the brown color can be seen on the actual container where it holds the cream. I like that it doesn’t go crazy with the colors since we are talking about skin care products not makeup. I would much rather prefer this type of packaging… nothing too much going on but straight to the point details on key ingredients and mechanism of action of the said creams


Another thing that caught my attention upon checking out the product’s packaging, is its claim on its high regard for the environment, no to animal testing and the use of colorants, alcohol and paraben! Nice~ I am digging this concept of Klairs since a lot of cosmetics and skin care products nowadays contain harmful ingredients/toxins that may place a dangerous effect to our skin. We don’t want that right?! I love the fact that the company uses natural ingredients to care and nourish the skin inside out. Consumers are assured that they are not risking their skin to potential harm upon using such products  ^^




Both creams possess a rich, white color. It has a smooth texture and light to medium in consistency. As for the eye cream, when it is applied on the lower part of my eyes, I felt that the cream leaves a sticky feeling on my skin. Considering that I have an oily type of skin, I am not too happy about it. I left the cream for a good 5-10 minutes and finally no more stickiness! Though the waiting is that long, I was kinda relieved then because I thought that it would be a struggle for me to use this cream as I personally hate having a sticky feeling on my skin. On the other hand, the restoring cream spreads like butter on my face… smooth and easily absorbed by skin within minutes! With regards to its scent, I believe it reminds me of a a faint herbal/ medicated odor but definitely not irritating or overpowering at all.




I would like to stress out that the the following photos were taken before going to sleep (how I apply the eye cream and restoring cream on my face) and the morning after (how my skin immediately looks without washing it first) There may be changes in lighting and color of the pics but rest assured they are not manipulated.

Sorry for photo spamming!~

1. Make sure that face is properly washed. This is to ensure that face is clean enough for the product to be more effective and work its way to the layers of the skin.

2. Get a small amount of Klairs eye cream and gently apply it on areas where fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted dark spots usually appear. It may also be applied on the sides of the mouth as well.

In my case, I sometimes massage my eye area using circular strokes to promote circulation on my eye areas thereby lessening eye puffiness.

Here is what I look like when I finished applying the cream…

3. Let the eye cream settle first before layering your skin with Klairs restoring time cream. I usually just put this amount as what you can see in the pic below. But at times, when I am having breakouts or skin irregularities I double the amount.

Apply the cream on the areas on your face which requires more pampering or if you feel like such areas need treatment.

Here is what I look like when I finished applying the cream…

The following day after, I immediately took pics of myself without washing my face to really see if there is difference in my eye area or if my face has that healthy look on it… Here are my photos…

I touched my face and it was oh sooo smooth and supple. My eyes are still a bit puffy since I woke up early but nevertheless, I noticed that it wasn’t saggy as before. I don’t know if it is just me but I also noticed a tightening/lifting sensation on my face as well… I just simply love it!

After 2 weeks and a half of using both creams, here are my results…


Overall, I could say that somehow it has worked its magic on me especially for the Klairs restoring cream! My skin had improved since then it went from a dull complexion into a healthy, supple and softer skin. As for the Klairs ultimate dual effect eye cream, it did help in vanishing my unwanted dark spots on my eye areas but to my dismay, I still have slight eye puffiness upon waking up in the mornings. I will still try to finish the whole eye cream though who knows I can still get better results by then.

Would I recommend this to you, my dear readers? YES of course! I personally have tried these creams for a 2 and a half weeks now and I am seeing good results! So far, I have not experienced any irritations or any untoward side effects upon using such products from Klairs. Plus point to consider is that they are all hypoallergenic meaning just all the good stuff for your skin that nature and a little bit of modern technology has to offer ^^,

It is definitely a HIT for me since I have been on a hunt for creams that would help my skin achieve a healthy state. Considering that such topical applications is made up of natural ingredients, I am assured that my skin is free from irritations and further damage just repairing and pampering it from inside out! I give both creams a rating of 4.5/5 ^^

P.S. For those who might be asking where to purchase Klairs products, Wish Company distributes them! Kindly visit www.wishtrend.com to view the full product catalogue.

Till then, stay beautiful my lovely readers!