Hello everyone…. How’s it going? You all might have wondered where have I been these past few months??? Oh well, need I say more??? If you are one of my friends in the FACEBOOK world, you’d probably know by now that I have been in a constant struggle to keep myself fit all this time (and by struggle, I MEAN REALLY STRUGGLE!~ its sooooo hard shedding of these fats y’all but just when I start to eat something reaaallllyy good, I gained a pound in an instant!!! frustrating indeed but who said it’ll be an easy road eh?)

I was supposed to review a lot of stuff(even make beauty related articles) from Korean cosmetics companies that I am currently receiving sponsorship but to my dismay, everything just isn’t working to my advantage.

So Today, I will really try to juggle both worlds… To tell you the truth, I missed sharing new reviews with you guys and for the record, I JUST MISSED how it feels to blog again…. Special shout out to my dear friend from UK, D, thanks for always motivating me to keep it going! I am sooo ecstatic to be in the same group with you and all the lovely bloggers from all over the world! Hopefully I will keep being motivated and start making helpful articles for everyone to enjoy…

That’s it for now and please do stay tuned for my postings! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tara (bbcreamaddict)